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Data Center

A data center is a network of (cloud) computing and storage resources enabling the delivery and processing of software applications and data storage. A datacenter consists of a network infrastructure including connectivity to external networks, a storage infrastructure to store applications and data and computing power infrastructure in the form of (virtual) CPU’s and memory. All these components are housed in a single location where hardware equipment is located in racks supported by power supplies. In this category you find our news articles about datacenters.

Yondr Begins Construction on Second Hyperscale Data Center in Northern Virginia

Yondr Group and JK Land Holdings start construction on a second 48MW hyperscale data center in Northern Virginia, focusing on sustainability and innovation.

NTT Expands into Paris, Bolsters European Data Center Presence

NTT announces expansion into Paris with a new data center complex, enhancing its European presence and joining top markets in the FLAP region.

Top 5 Multi-cloud Benefits for Business Agility #shorts #multicloud #cloud #cloudcomputing #b2b

Forget the limitations of single-cloud solutions! Enter the multi-cloud environment, where you combine services from multiple providers! Here's why you need to explore the multi-cloud...

Iceotope Breaks 1000W Chip Cooling Barrier with Its Liquid Cooling

Iceotope achieves a significant milestone in chip cooling by surpassing the 1000W barrier with its Precision Liquid Cooling technology, crucial for data centers.

DigitalBridge Appoints Christian Belady to Boost Data Center Portfolio

DigitalBridge Group appoints Christian Belady as Senior Advisor to enhance its data center portfolio, aiming to meet rising AI and cloud demands.

Khazna Data Centers Launches Flagship AUH6 Facility in Masdar City, UAE

Khazna Data Centers inaugurates AUH6 in Masdar City, UAE, enhancing AI capabilities with 31.8MW IT power, embracing sustainability and innovation.

11 Important Things About Cloud Service Providers #shorts #cloudproviders #cloudcomputing #cloud

Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud or repatriate to escape high and unpredictable public cloud costs and vendor lock-in, you need...

Soben Unveils Top Data Center Trends for 2024: AI, Cooling, and Power Shifts

Soben’s 2024 report identifies key trends shaping data centers: AI’s growing demand, advanced cooling methods, power challenges, and more.

CommScope’s SYSTIMAX 2.0 Boosts Fiber and Copper Tech for Data Centers

CommScope’s SYSTIMAX 2.0 upgrades data centers with advanced fiber, copper tech, GigaSPEED XL5, VisiPORT, ensuring future-ready connectivity.

Vantage Secures $10B in 2023 for Global Expansion Amid AI, Cloud Surge

Vantage Data Centers secures $10 billion in 2023 for global expansion, targeting AI and cloud computing growth, entering new markets with strategic focus.

KAYTUS Unveils Data Center Management Platform KSManage

KAYTUS introduces KSManage, revolutionizing data center management with enhanced operational efficiency and intelligence.