Expert Blog: 5 Best Practices to Implement Cloud-Native DevOps

DevOps is gaining popularity due to its crucial role in supporting an IT infrastructure that is more efficient as the globe moves toward cloud-native products as the industry standard. Read the Expert Blog by Tal Knopf, Vice President of Engineering at 2bcloud.

Expert Blog: When it Comes to Data Centers, One Size Does NOT Fit All

There is no single version of the data center of the future, because there will actually be multiple versions running in parallel and in sync with each other. Read the Expert Blog by Eoin Byrne, Vice President, Americas Southwest Region at Linesight.

Expert Blog: On-Premise vs Cloud – Pros And Cons + Key Differences

Cloud computing is one of the most significant developments in tech of the last decade. Current projections show that the cloud computing market is expected to grow at a rate of 17.5% a year, reaching an estimated $832 billion by 2025.

Expert Blog: Attackers Use Cloud for DDoS

Lumen Technologies has repelled one of its largest-ever distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The target didn’t go offline despite the extent and sophistication of the planned DDoS attack. Read the Expert Blog by Mark Dehus.

Expert Blog: Businesses Underestimate the Long-Term Benefits of Cloud-Native

While many companies are turning to cloud native solutions to increase productivity, save money, and create better customer experiences, the environmental advantages of doing so are sometimes underestimated. Read the Expert Blog by Souvik Dutta, CRO at Zoosh.

Expert Blog: How Can DevOps Improve Software Quality at a Rapid Pace?

This blog aims to give a definite answer to the question as we analyze the role of DevOps in software quality. Read the Expert Blog by HHardik Shah, Tech Consultant at Simform.

Expert Blog: 5 Universal Fundamentals for Cloud Security

The five universal foundations for building an efficient cloud security program are laid forth in this expert blog by Josh Stella, chief architect at Snyk and co-founder of Fugue, a company that was acquired by Snyk last February. Snyk is a global pioneer in developer security solutions.

Expert Blog: Cloud Threats – What Business Executives Need to Know Right Now

 “If you know the opponent and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred wars,” stated the legendary Chinese commander Sun Tzu. That advice is still important today, as businesses battle hackers who target their cloud computing infrastructures on a daily basis. Read the Expert blog by Josh Stella, Co-Founder and CEO of Fugue.

Expert Blog: Best Practices for Choosing a Data Center Colocation Provider

Data centers are constructed and operated in a variety of ways. Your decision to choose a data center colocation provider is influenced by a variety of variables. Here are some crucial factors to consider. Read the Expert Blog by Julia Morgan, Co-Founder and President of Carrier-1.

Expert Blog: AWS re:Invent Announcements Showcase its Role in the Future of IT

AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas was an exciting event. In addition to the sheer pleasure of gathering in person again with innovators across sectors, AWS made a series of announcements. Read the Expert blog by Rahul Subramaniam.

Expert Blog: Be Proactive in Battle Against Ransomware

Cybersecurity begins with being prepared, something too many companies are not proactive about. Addressing the human factor is critical and must focus on training and raising security awareness. Read the Expert Blog by Jon Mendoza.