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IaaS Hosting

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing model where a hosting service provider offers computing infrastructure and resources to other organizations. IaaS hosting may include servers, the network backbone and data storage. Organisations rent or buy services based on their needs. One advantage is that organisations can up- or downscale computing resources when required. In this category you find our news articles about IaaS Hosting.

650 Group: Data Center AI Networking Reaches over $25B by 2028

By 2028, data center AI networking, driven by Ethernet and InfiniBand, is projected to exceed $25B, with significant growth from AI/ML applications.

AMS-IX Hits Record 12 Tbps, Reflecting Surge in Global Internet Use

AMS-IX sets a new Internet traffic record of 12 Tbps, indicating a global surge in Internet usage, particularly for evening digital content engagement.

2023 Global SD-WAN Market Surges 30% to Record High – 650 Group

The 2023 global SD-WAN market grew 30% to a record high, driven by digitalization and AI/ML readiness, forecasted to double by 2028 to $7 bn, says 650 Group.

Meter Raises $35M to Transform Internet Infrastructure into Business Utility

Meter secures $35 million to revolutionize business Internet as a utility, led by Sam Altman and Lachy Groom, aiming for global expansion.

Aviz Networks Debuts Networking 3.0 Stack with GenAI-Powered Network Copilot

Aviz Networks introduces Networking 3.0 Stack featuring the GenAI-based Network Copilot, promising choice and cost savings for network management.

cPacket Networks Secures $67M in Funding, Aims for AI Expansion

cPacket Networks raises $67 million from Morgan Stanley and Trinity Capital for AI-driven network observability expansion.

Virtuozzo Launches Free Migration Program for VMware Cloud Providers

Virtuozzo offers free migration program for VMware cloud providers due to changes in VCPP, aiming to provide alternative cloud solutions.

Broadcom Discontinues VMware’s Free Hypervisor, ESXi

Broadcom discontinues VMware’s free ESXi hypervisor, marking it as EOGA (End of General Availability), affecting vSphere’s deployment and management options.

Apache CloudStack v4.19 Released by Apache Software Foundation

Apache CloudStack v4.19, launched by the Apache Software Foundation, offers robust IaaS hosting, boasting 314 new features and enhanced stability.

ZEDEDA Lands $72M for Edge AI & Computing Growth

ZEDEDA raises $72 million in Series C led by Smith Point Capital for edge AI and computing expansion, signaling strong market demand and innovation.

Cisco Advances Cloud Networking Efforts with Key Portfolio Updates

Cisco updates key networking and security portfolios, emphasizing AI, security, and cloud management to streamline network safeguarding and management.