Saturday, December 9, 2023


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AWS Executive Named CEO of Airtel’s Newly Unveiled Nxtra Africa

Airtel Africa launches Nxtra, a data center firm to address Africa’s growing data needs, appointing former AWS executive Yashnath Issur as CEO.

Cologix Expands in Canada with Strategic Acquisitions and Capacity Boost

Cologix, a leading North American provider of network-neutral hyperscale edge data centers, expands in Canada with key acquisitions and capacity enhancements.

BT Teams Up with Digital Realty to Unlock Customer Data Value Globally

BT and Digital Realty collaborate, offering Global Fabric NaaS in Digital Realty's CNFs globally, enhancing data management and security for businesses.

AMD Debuts Instinct MI300 Accelerators, Boosting AI & HPC in Data Centers

AMD launches Instinct MI300 accelerators, enhancing AI and HPC in data centers with leading memory bandwidth, targeting LLM training and inferencing.

Worldstream Partners with Nokia to Enhance IaaS Network, Targeting 400GE Speeds

Worldstream partners with Nokia, upgrading its IaaS network to 400GE, aiming for future scalability to 800GE, enhancing global service capabilities.

atNorth Expands Footprint in Finland with Heat Reuse Enabled Mega Data Center

atNorth expands in Finland with eco-friendly, heat-reuse enabled mega data center in Kouvola, boosting Nordic region's sustainable digital infrastructure.

72% IT Leaders in Red Hat UK Survey Urge Urgent Action on AI Skills...

Red Hat survey finds 72% of IT leaders in the United Kingdom prioritize addressing AI skills gap for innovation and technological advancement.

Fortinet and Digital Realty Boost Global SASE Reach with Expanded Partnership

Fortinet and Digital Realty expand partnership to accelerate global SASE adoption, enhancing cybersecurity and cloud networking.

Elon Musk’s AI Startup xAI Trying to Raise $1 Billion

Elon Musk's AI startup xAI aims to raise $1 billion, already securing $134.7 million, to innovate in the artificial intelligence sector.

Ardent Data Centers Announces €110M Expansion in the US and Europe

Ardent Data Centers, under Northern Data Group, plans a €110M expansion in the US and Europe to enhance its colocation service offerings.

Industry Vet Eric Boonstra Hired as CEO of New Data Center Operator

Eric Boonstra, former CEO of EvoSwitch and Vice President at Iron Mountain, is now CEO of KEVLINX, a new data center operator in Europe.