Friday, February 23, 2024
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Samsung, Verizon, Keysight Advance Open RAN with Comprehensive Testing

Samsung, Verizon, and Keysight demonstrate significant progress in Open RAN development with successful comprehensive testing of LTE and 5G radios.

Telstra and Eutelsat Launch Major LEO Satellite Backhaul in Australia

Eutelsat Group and Telstra have initiated Australia's largest deployment of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite backhaul, enhancing connectivity for remote mobile users.

Cisco’s 800Gbps Transatlantic Cable Trial Sets New Subsea Tech Milestone

Cisco’s 800Gbps Amitié cable trial achieves unprecedented transatlantic data speeds, enhancing cloud services and AI capabilities with advanced SDM technology.

IRAQ-IXP Launches Iraq’s First Neutral Internet Exchange with DE-CIX

Iraq’s first neutral Internet Exchange, IRAQ-IXP powered by DE-CIX, aims to enhance regional connectivity and digital infrastructure, boosting Iraq’s Internet market.

Pico Expands Trading Connectivity with Layer 1 Network at JPX Colocation Site

Pico enhances trading connectivity at JPX with Layer 1 network, catering to latency-sensitive strategies, bolstering its presence in Asia-Pacific.

RETN Expands Polish Network with New Route from Gdańsk to Warsaw, Poznań

RETN launches new Gdańsk-Warsaw-Poznań network route, enhancing Polish connectivity with 12th PoP, and bolstering Eurasian data transmission services.

EXA Boosts Sicily-Mainland Italy Link with New Routes and Tech Upgrades

EXA Infrastructure enhances Sicily to mainland Italy link with tech upgrades and new subsea cable routes, offering improved connectivity and resilience.

Inwi and Medusa Join Forces to Enhance Trans-Mediterranean Connectivity

Inwi and Medusa Cable System partner for a trans-Mediterranean link, enhancing digital infrastructure with EU-backed financing, impacting nine countries.

$120M Hawaiian Islands Undersea Fiber Link Launched to Boost Broadband

UH and Ocean Networks launch a $120M Hawaiian Islands Fiber Link to upgrade broadband, enhancing digital connectivity across the state under Connect Kākou.

Telstra and TPN Launch Echo, First Direct Subsea Cable Linking US-Singapore

Telstra and TPN partner to develop Echo, the first direct subsea cable linking the US and Singapore, enhancing Pacific connectivity and technology.

DE-CIX Dallas Hits 1 Tbit/s Peak Traffic, Marking a Digital Milestone

DE-CIX Dallas reaches a groundbreaking 1 Tbit/s peak in Internet traffic, highlighting significant digital growth and infrastructure demand.