Monday, February 26, 2024
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CDN Hosting

A Content Delivery Network is a geographically distributed network of servers where data in the form of texts , graphics, files, software, webpages and more is distributed to CDN nodes across a region or around the globe. A CDN environment, also short for Content Distribution Network, is used to improve and maintain high availability and it is used to cache static assets of websites geographically closer to users to increase performance. In this category you find our news articles about CDN and CDN Hosting.

New CDN Industry Collaboration for Advanced Video Streaming Services

CacheFly and Streaming Media Hosting form a strategic alliance, combining their CDN expertise to enhance global video streaming services.

Leaseweb Introduces Multi-CDN in the Asia-Pacific Region

Leaseweb launches Multi-CDN in APAC, enhancing high-bandwidth content delivery across various industries with a network of 545+ PoPs.

Cloudflare’s API Security Report 2024: Rising Risks as API Use Soars

Cloudflare’s 2024 API Security Report reveals increasing use of APIs, accounting for 57% of internet traffic, and heightened online risks.

CDN Alliance Launches Key Working Groups to Enhance Global CDN Industry

In a move to standardize and elevate the Content Delivery Network (CDN) industry, the CDN Alliance has launched several key working groups like 'Dictionary,' 'Low Latency,' and 'Traffic Radar'.

British Gaming Mogul Paul Wedgwood Joins Gcore’s Board of Directors

Gcore, a European CDN and cloud hosting solutions company, has strategically appointed British gaming mogul Paul Wedgwood as a Non-Executive Director.

CDNetworks Launches Global-to-China Solution for Quick Market Entry

CDNetworks’ Global-to-China solution offers a one-stop service for multinational companies to quickly enter China's market, focusing on compliance and security.

Leaseweb Adds Edgio’s Technology to Its Global Multi-CDN Offerings

Leaseweb integrates Edgio's CDN technology into its global Multi-CDN offerings, enhancing content delivery. The partnership promises improved performance.

Cloudflare Now Has NVIDIA GPUs Deployed Globally

Cloudflare deploys NVIDIA GPUs, enhancing CDN with NVIDIA Triton Inference, allowing businesses worldwide access to efficient AI inference applications.

StackPath Edge Compute Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

StackPath Edge Compute is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. This global CDN and edge computing provider enables closer application distribution.

Name of Gcore’s New Chief Revenue Officer Announced

European CDN and hosting solutions supplier, Gcore, appoints Fabrice Moizan as Chief Revenue Officer. Mr. Moizan is an ex-Graphcore and NVIDIA executive.

Cloudflare’s New Product Suite Addresses Risks in Modern Coding and AI

Cloudflare’s One Data Protection Suite enhances security for online, SaaS, and private apps, streamlining compliance and minimizing risks in modern coding & AI.